Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite "holidays". Especially when it's warm outside --like it will be here today. The spooks and fun that ensue always get me in a festive mood. I love the jack-o-lanterns and skeletons, the bats and black cats, the mummies and goblins. But what I don't love is going through haunted houses. I know, I'm a chicken but they just flip me out.

My hubby and I used to go to an annual Halloween party every year. It was always so much fun. One year we went as Tinkerbell and Captain Hook. Another time we went as Marilyn Monroe and Joe DeMaggio. Unfortunately I have no pics to show.

So what have you dressed up as? What is your favorite thing about Halloween?

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Good luck!!! Keep writing and learning.

Monday, October 27, 2008

On Halloween, check out for a spooktacular treasure haunt for writerly gifts. It will be sure to make you scream with excitement. Mawahahahahahha.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Description & Setting

Description & Setting by Ron Rozelle, one of many Writer's Digest Books, is a phenomenal asset to have in your collection of writer's handbooks.
I knew I had to put description and setting in my novel but reading this book was like putting the light in a firefly. I started glowing from the inside out with all the knowledge and could finally see through the dark.
It talks about:
-The importance of your setting and description
-Learning to pay attention to your surroundings
-Use the flavors of your words (metaphors,
similes, cadence, flashbacks, backstories,
foreshadowing, sentence lengths, adverbs and
- Showing and telling (when to use each)
- Sensory description (the SIX senses)
- Descriptions of characters (making character
profile sheet)
-Time and place
-Get your facts straight for specialized fiction
-Using description and setting to drive the story
(mood and tone)
-Working the Magic with titles, opening
paragraphs, voice, etc.
-Too little, too much (dialogue tags, repeating,
passive voice, need to know basis)
I highly recommend this book. One of the best things I got out of it was to make a writer's journal of different details you'd use in your writing and to really make notes in it every day. It enhances your senses and creativity.
Hope you love it as much as I do.

Saturday, October 11, 2008