Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A few pics from vacation

I know it's been too long since I blogged. I promise I'll try to keep up.

My family went to the Riviera Maya in Mexico the end of June and had a nice, relaxing (okay, maybe not so relaxing with 2 kids arguing all the time) trip. It was very beautiful.

It was raining pretty hard this morning so we took the time to go
shopping that day.

They are acting like they like me or something??

And here, they are acting like they like each other. Don't
be fooled. :)

My husband and son at one of the many restaurants we went to.

My kids went snorkeling in the ocean for the first time and loved it.

This was at Xcaret, a zoo/water park. Lots of walking, but tons of things to see.
Although it was nice, we were ready to get home. Too much togetherness or something?????

We also got a new puppy when we got home, so I'll post a few pics of him next time.

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